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EP Vantage Report: Biggest Launches 2014

EP Vantage Biggest Launches 2014




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EP Vantage's latest report, Biggest Launches 2014, reveals that although the past two years have brought a surge of R&D productivity, driving investor confidence and increasing market performance, 2014 looks set to tell a different tale.

According to the report only three drugs slated to launch this year will achieve blockbuster status by 2018.

The industry's move towards so-called "nichebuster" drugs could help explain the switch from blockbuster drug development, as the orphan indication delivers greater returns on investment. Yet, billion-dollar drugs remain an indicator of the sector's productivity and their absence in the 2014 launch class is an indicator to be watched closely.

Key findings in EP Vantage Biggest Launches 2014:

  • The forecasted blockbusters of 2014 include GlaxoSmithKline's combination COPD therapy, Anoro Ellipta, Lundbeck's Brintellix for major depressive disorder and Celgene's psoriatic arthritis drug, Apremilast
  • Diabetes is forecasted to be the biggest category of products set to launch in 2014 with oncology and anti-infectives also well represented on the list
  • While small molecules still dominate new medicines, 2014 could be one of the biggest years for biological drug launches, particularly if the PD-1 antibodies make it to market
  • The industry's move to "nichebuster" drugs may explain the switch from blockbuster drug development but nonetheless, billion-dollar drugs remain an indicator of the sector's productivity

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