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Company Profile

Profile Abbott Laboratories (ABT) is an Illinois based diverse healthcare company focused on the development of diagnostics, medical devices, nutritional products & pharmaceuticals.

01 JAN 2013: Abbott spun-out "AbbVie" as a new research-based pharmaceutical company. Within EvaluatePharma®, pro-forma financials, opdata & product sales covered for AbbVie for years 2011 & 2012.
Listed or Private Company Listed
Company Classification Generic; MedTech
Country USA
Company Website Website
Technology Platform Profile
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EventAnalyzer - Last Key Event

Closing Price DateClosing Price Date EventAnalyzer Note Market Cap (US $m) Change (%) Change (+$m)
28/01/2016 28 Jan: Company's Q4'15 revenues miss expectations and company's Q1'16 and FY'16 earnings guidance falls short of estimates. 54,761 -9.3% -5,609

Top 3 Products (Worldwide Sales)

Annual Sales WW - Sales Growth per Year (%)
Rank1 ProductProduct Generic NameGeneric Name Therapeutic Subcategory 2012 2013 2013
1 Biaxin clarithromycin Anti-bacterials 501 416 -17%
2 Creon pancrelipase (amylase;lipase;protease) Other gastro-intestinal agents 306 323 +5%
3 TriCor fenofibrate Anti-hyperlipidaemics 2922 290 -1%
Note: Shaded Cells3

RX Sales Chart

Abbott Laboratories Data Growth
2012 2013 2013
 Revenues By Segment
     Pharmaceuticals Sales (In-depth)
       Rx & OTC Pharmaceuticals
         Prescription (Rx) Pharmaceuticals 5,1214 4,9745 -3%

Therapy Area Focus

Abbott Laboratories
 WW Rx & OTC Sales By Therapy Area
  Main Categories
     Blood 84
     Cardiovascular 735
     Central Nervous System 447
     Endocrine 175
     Gastro-Intestinal 607
     Genito-Urinary 355
     Systemic Anti-Infectives 646
     Other Rx & OTC Pharma 1,924

EvaluatePharma® Coverage of Marketed and Pipeline Products

Product Count
Abbott Laboratories 6 771


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