Ambien IR/Stilnox/Myslee  

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Pharma Class with Mechanism of Action (New)

Mechanism of Action Level 1 Anxiolytic
Mechanism of Action Level 2 GABA receptor agonist
Mechanism of Action Level 3 GABA receptor agonist (unspecified)
Mechanism of Action Level 4 GABA receptor agonist (unspecified)
Mechanism of Action Level 5 GABA receptor agonist (unspecified)

Product Name Information

Product: Ambien IR/Stilnox/Myslee
Generic Name:    zolpidem tartrate
Therapeutic Subcategory:      Sedatives & hypnotics

Clinical Trial Coverage: No. of Trials involving Product

Trial Count
Ambien IR/Stilnox/Myslee1 126


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Research Codes Synonyms

Product: Ambien IR/Stilnox/Myslee

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