Takeda Acquires the Shares of Takeda Pharma GmbH Held by Grünenthal GmbH

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Date February 14, 2002

Osaka, Japan -- February 14, 2002 -- Takeda  Chemical Industries, Ltd., Osaka Japan ("Takeda") and Grünenthal GmbH, Aachen, Germany ("Grünenthal") announced that both parties reached an agreement on transfer of shares of  Takeda  Pharma GmbH ("Takeda Pharma") from Grünenthal to  TakedaTakeda  Pharma is currently a 50-50 joint venture between Grünenthal and  Takeda  Europe Holdings Ltd. ("Takeda Europe"), a 100% owned subsidiary of  Takeda .  

On February 14, Takeda  Europe and Grünenthal signed the Share Purchase and Transfer Agreement. This Share Purchase and Transfer Agreement will become effective upon completion of the required merger clearance procedures, and  Takeda  Pharma will become a 100% subsidiary of  Takeda  Europe accordingly.

Takeda  Pharma has two 100% owned subsidiaries (one in Austria "Takeda Pharma Ges.m.b.H." and the other in Switzerland "Takeda Pharma AG"), and these two companies will become wholly owned by  Takeda  subject to transfer of shares of  Takeda  Pharma.

Since 1981 when Takeda  Pharma was founded,  Takeda  and Grünenthal had a successful partnership which allowed  Takeda  to enter German, Swiss and Austrian markets, achieving ca. 200 million Euro consolidated sales in 2001.  Takeda  and Grünenthal will continue to promote their mutual good relationship they have fostered so far.

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