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EP Vantage Biotech & Pharma 2012 Year in Review 

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Download EP Vantage 2012 Year in Review

EvaluatePharma's editorial team, EP Vantage, brings you the 2012    Year in Review report - examining the successes and failures that took place across the industry in 2012.

The pharma and biotech industry ended 2011 falling off a precipitous patent cliff and mired in uncertainty about the fallout of the ongoing global economic turmoil, only to exit 2012 on a decidedly more positive note.

Key highlights in the 2012 Year in Review report include:

  • Market Performance - who were the large, mid and small cap winners & losers in 2012?
  • VC Funding - who raised the most; which financing rounds attracted investors' money; how many total transactions occurred?
  • Licensing Deals - where did the $20.9bn spent by big pharma go last year and how many deals were struck?
  • M&A Transactions - which acquisition was one of the biggest since 2000?
  • R&D - has the quality of approved products improved over the last 10 years; which products were most successful in 2012?
  • Patent Cliff - who fell off and who had the softest and hardest landing; how much money was lost to generics in 2012?

Download EP Vantage 2012 Year in Review