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EvaluateClinical Trials offers many features not available anywhere else. Carefully crafted by our team of economists, industry analysts and technicians, EvaluateClinical Trials gives you intelligence to act on.

EvaluateClinical  Trials content

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  • Number of Trials: 140,000+
  • Countries: 180+ countries
  • Trial Investigators: 128,000+
  • Mapped to:
    • Commercial Companies: 3,800+
    • Indications: 710+
    • Searchable Fields: 137


  • Number of Trials: 36,000+
  • Country Level Trials: 19,000+ Master Trials
  • Trials mapped to Clinicaltrials.gov NCTID’s: 10,000+
  • Countries: 30 EU & EEA countries
  • Searchable Fields: 170
  • Trial records at a country level
  • Enrollment numbers by EU country
  • CAS number disclosure and trials on orphan indications identified

Japan Clinical Trials

  • Number of Trials: 1100+
  • Sources: 85+
  • Indications: 185+
  • Searchable Fields: 38

Unique Fields for Search and Analysis and Alerts

  • Linked to company, product, therapeutic area, indication, sales and clinical R&D pipeline
  • Commercial trial filter
  • EU enrollment by country
  • First submission (new trials)
  • Rare disease (orphan) indications
  • Technology for investigational drug (e.g. biologic, gene therapy)
  • Pharmaceutical form (e.g. transdermal patch)

EP Vantage & Event Analyzer

  • Powered by EvaluatePharma® data and proprietary quantitative analysis
  • Analysis of regulatory & patent decisions, marketing approvals, licensing deals and M&A
  • Timely financial analysis of pivotal events put into context with EvaluatePharma market data
  • Advanced intelligence on potential market catalysts weeks months ahead of other sources
  • Daily and Weekly Market Movers alerts: most comprehensive daily round up of share price changes
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