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EvaluateClinical Trials

EvaluateClinical Trials provides unique, clinical trial intelligence integrated to essential information such as company, product, therapeutic area, indication, sales and R&D pipeline so you can efficiently analyze the global clinical trial landscape. It provides a transparent view into Clinicaltrials.gov, EudraCT and Japan Clinical Trials data greatly increasing your productivity and ability to make critical decisions. EvaluateClinical Trials is available as a fully integrated module to EvaluatePharma or as a stand-alone service.

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Our customers:

Large Biotech and Pharma companies, Small and Mid Biotech and Pharma companies, Financial Institutions, Management Consultancies, Service Providers including CROs, CMOs and more. .

Typical business uses:

Finding the best investment opportunities or partners, increasing productivity, decreasing time to market, competing in the market place and growing revenue

Examples of problems we can help you address:

  • Getting a complete and accurate picture of the clinical trial landscape to
    • Track competitors and analyze company trial strategy
    • Identify principal investigators and sites to run trials
  • Inability to quickly analyze terminated trials and understand why they failed
  • Not knowing the quality and completeness of data mined from public sources
  • Wasting time trying to compare EU, US and Japan trials of similar products
  • Not easily able to get to the details behind clinical trial to speed development planning
  • Lack of expertise on your team to deliver business answers to pressing issues

How we can help:

  • By our in-depth data coverage and standardized data sets updated daily
  • Via our unique fields for custom search and analysis:
    • Orphan, technology, pharmaceutical form, first submission, commercial filter
  • By providing high quality, standardized data that is transparent with source indicated 
  • Through our unique easy-to-use reporting and export tools
  • By integrating clinical data sets you can get to additional trial details
  • Through our credentialed experts ready to help on tough questions