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EvaluateMedTech offers many features not available anywhere else. Carefully crafted by our team of economists, industry analysts and technicians, EvaluateMedTech gives you intelligence to act on.

EvaluateMedTech content

Simply expand the features below to get more details. To check out our evaluation tools select the Tools tab.

Global Market Analytics

  • In-depth coverage of the world's Top 200 MedTech companies
  • Tracks over $362bn in global MedTech sales from 2013 and $604bn in forecasted sales in 2024
  • Provides company consensus forecasts at company and segment level
  • Medical device market segments classified to Evaluate’s 3-level device system to allow ease of market analysis
  • Global, US, EU and Japan disclosed company sales and forecasts
  • Historic annual (2005+) and quarterly sales on segments & products

Financial Information

  • Unique in-depth full financial company models to 2024 including segments and full financials
  • Financials include P&L, Balance Sheet, Cash Flow and Valuation measures
  • Device Analysis with cash burn and tax loss information
  • Only source to provide both reported and normalized profit and loss statements

Venture Financing

  • Drill down quickly to reveal investors, lead investor and profiles
  • Financing rounds linked to news and analysis of EP Vantage
  • Financing rounds from seed capitals to series A,B,C…through to PIPE
  • Fully transparent linking directly to press releases and sources
  • Presents deal values in both $m and local reporting currency

Proprietary Medical Device Product Portfolio

  • Provides in-depth intelligence and news linked to product / device name
  • Covers marketed and pipeline products
  • Continuously updated and reviewed by our dedicated Analyst team researching the very latest pipeline information


  • First Integrated Database of six FDA data sets, approximately 100,000 approvals
    • FDA PMAs (all), 510-Ks (from 1996)
    • HDEs (all)
    • FDA highlighted New Medical Technologies (from 2000)
    • PDP approvals
    • BLA approvals
    • 75,000+ Approvals Mapped to 600 Standardized Evaluate Segments & 1,600+ Companies
    • 1st PMA Approvals Identified, FDA Classification presented as a 4 Level Hierarchy (2,800+ Classifications)
  • Also includes Japanese PMDA Approvals (from 2004)
  • EU CE Mark press releases
  • CE Marks

Procedures Data

EvaluateMedTech offers a single source for CMS, CDC, HCUP, EUCOMED and OECD procedures data and features:

  • One-page views of all the procedures data sets for related procedure classifications
  • In-depth analysis of individual procedure data sources
  • Integration with EvaluateMedTech’s global commercial intelligence
  • Analysis-friendly reporting and exporting functionality

Geographic Data

  • Country profiles, economic / healthcare spend and populations data

Clinical Trial Data

  • ClinicalTrials.gov: R&D pipeline data mapped to products, our device classification and companies 

M&A Activity

  • Quickly and easily evaluate the commercial success of a company’s M&A activity
  • Analyze the full M&A history for all companies
  • Run reports on M&A deals based on target company’s location
  • Monitor the most recent M&A activity via Peer Group Analyzer
  • Evaluate industry deal values and counts for each year
  • View reports on M&A activity last 3 months, medtech M&A activity Top 5 deals each year and more
  • Get the latest M&A news with NewsManager plus expert comment and analysis from EP Vantage
  • Reports can be edited and customized for download to Excel, Word, PDF for sharing with colleagues


  • Easy to search database of global industry company press releases
  • Press Releases provide history no longer available on company websites
  • Word searches let you zero in on: 
    • Company news: full history including active acquired company
    • Device development history
    • CE Marks
    • IDEs (clearance to run US Trial)
    • Japanese approvals
    • Product Deals
    • M&A Activity
    • Financing
    • Filing and Registrations
    • Late Stage R&D
    • Negative Event
    • Patent and Litigation
    • Financial Results

EP Vantage

  • Powered by EvaluateMedTech data and proprietary quantitative analysis.
  • Analysis of regulatory and patent decisions, marketing approvals, licensing deals and M&A
  • Timely financial analysis of pivotal events put into context with EvaluateMedTech market data
  • Advanced intelligence on potential market catalysts weeks months ahead of other sources
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