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EvaluatePharma offers many features not available anywhere else. Carefully crafted by our team of economists, industry analysts and technicians, EvaluatePharma gives you intelligence to act on. Simply expand the features below the diagram to get more details. To check out our evaluation tools see the Tools tab.


Global Market Analytics

  • Covers global biotech and pharmaceutical companies above $50m in Market Cap
  • Includes full product information and consensus forecasts where available
  • Private companies coverage continuously updated
  • Standardized worldwide financial and forecast models for easy benchmarking
  • EvaluatePharma eliminates all double accounting for the most accurate view of the global market
  • Sales Analysis by Region, Company Rankings & Market Share, Product Sales Rankings & Market Share
  • Search categories: Therapy Area, Pharma Class, EphMRA ATC code, Technology, Product & Generic Sales
  • The most comprehensive historic sales data available from 1986 onwards presented in over 20 currencies
  • Largest catalogue of company disclosed product sales commentary and R&D project commentary
  • Charts & MAT analysis provide insightful graphical representation of the latest sales data
  • Full history of company M&A deals including deal value, dates and accounting treatment

Adverse Events

  • Standardized, high quality data from FDA Adverse Event Reporting System (FAERS) with up-to-date FOIA (Freedom of Information Act) requests - Download PDF
  • Proprietary scores of relative safety and signals of potential future drug label risks
  • Inclusion of adverse event incidence rates per 100,000 patients treated
  • Classification of adverse events as ‘on-label’ or ‘non-label’ depending on whether they appear on the current drug label
  • Adverse events defined as serious or non-serious and exclusion of disease-related adverse events
  • Screen for class effects across multiple drugs from similar groups
  • Screen for patient demographics susceptibility to adverse event
  • Comparisons by Indication, Pharmacological Class and EphMRA codes
  • Company portfolio and product safety profiles for comparative benchmarking
  • Custom analytical services performed by credentialed experts

USA Sales, Volume and Pricing

  • Single, trusted source for USA Sales, Volume, Pricing intelligence - Download PDF 
  • Comprehensive US drug pricing for medical products sold in the US including primary care, injectable biotechnology products and vaccines
    Sources: Retail Rx unit / pack prices (Medicaid), J-Code, NADAC, Federal Contract Prices all integrated together
  • Cost per patient for Top 200 US drugs and Top 20 Orphan Drugs
  • Complex Cost Per Patient measure calculated for you
  • Complex Volume Per Patient measure calculated for you
  • Off-invoice discounts insight (Payer / Wholesale rebates)
  • Complete commercial context through EvaluatePharma content integration

Japan Sales, Volume and Pricing

  • Single, trusted source for Japan sales, pricing and peak sales forecasts at launch
  • Comprehensive Japan unit drug pricing including primary care and biotechnology products, branded and generics. Source: National Health Insurance (NHI) drug price list
  • International price comparisons for Japan, USA, France, Germany and the United Kingdom
  • Peak sales forecast at launch including cost per patient calculation and number of patients treated
  • Pricing premiums achieved and methodology used to calculate initial reimbursement price
  • All regulatory approvals from the Pharmaceutical and Medical Devices Agency (PMDA)
  • Complete commercial context through EvaluatePharma content integration

Brazil Sales, Volume and Pricing

  • Easy access to hard-to-get Brazil pricing in English with $R and $USD
  • Includes important hospital channels other sources lack
  • Comprehensive government sales with clarity on discounts
  • International reference pricing with key markets
  • ANVISA approvals: search by therapy area, EphMRA, indication

Financial Information

  • Unique in-depth full financial company models to 2024 including Product Sales, Therapy Area Sales, Segments and full Financials
  • Financials include P&L, Balance Sheet, Cash Flow and Valuation measures
  • Advanced Company Portfolio Analysis with Lead Assets, Sales by Technology, R&D Productivity, Sales by Therapy Area, In-line vs. Pipeline Analysis, Patent Analysis & Freshness Index
  • Biotech Analysis with Cash Burn, Technology Value and Tax Loss information
  • Only source to provide both reported and normalized Profit and Loss statements
  • Only service to feature reported segment sales for both pharmaceutical and non-pharmaceutical

Consensus Product Forecasts to 2024

  • EvaluatePharma builds up product sales estimates from leading brokers to create a consensus sales forecast, currently to 2024
  • Consensus is the unweighted average of up to six equity research forecasts; by taking an average the impact of outlying forecasts is mitigated
  • Derived through a rigorous methodology to ensure accuracy – not via an automated process
  • Forecasts updated with the latest market events
  • Includes forecasts on Royalty, Joint Venture and Co-Promotion incomes
  • Only available archive of consensus sales forecasts for the pharma and biotech market
  • For information on our Archived Forecasts starting from January 2003 please see the Tools tab

Orphan Drugs

  • Exclusive Evaluate Orphan Drug field based on proprietary and fully transparent, documented methodology
  • Three integrated regulatory body Orphan Drug designation databases offer a granular level of detail: US (FDA), EU (EMA) and Japan (PMDA)
  • Epidemiology (EPI) data on all ‘Orphan’ designation products
  • Expiry and patent and  tracking of Orphan Drug exclusivities for both biotech & small molecule products
  • Flexible, custom analysis via EvaluatePharma’s reporting and analytical tools


  • Curated analysis of biologicals and biosimilars with consensus forecasts to 2024
  • Precise historic sales based on reported company data, not audits
  • Pricing of branded biologicals and biosimilars
  • Model US market impact by analysing EU/Japan market precedents on biosimilar pricing and sales
  • Curated view of the USA, Europe and Japan biosimilar markets using biosimilar classification for both pipeline and marketed products
  • Company disclosed reimbursement pricing from Japan’s PMDA regulatory data set
  • Comparative regulatory analysis leveraging Drugs@FDA, EMA and Japan’s PMDA regulatory data sets
  • In depth insights as to biologics going off-patent ranked by sales and forecasts
  • Full integration with EvaluatePharma market intelligence for comprehensive analysis and reporting

Sales by Indication

  • Indication-specific sales of an individual product
  • Compiled mainly through equity analyst research and EvaluatePharma® methodologies
  • Reveals the indication specific dynamic behind historic and forecast product sales
  • Determine which indication is the most commercially important for a product
  • Identify the leading products for an indication
  • Find the value by indication, and the gaps, in a company's product portfolio
  • Estimate the size of the branded market for a disease

NPV Analyzer

  • Interactive NPV discount cash flow model that helps you to value an asset
  • Unique, fully transparent models for global products
  • Complete flexibility to customize, save and download analyses
  • Edit key assumptions for any product NPV such as sales data, patent expiry, cost of capital and tax rate
  • Model impact of major events on product valuation: e.g., patent extensions, litigation and clinical trials
  • Analyze impact of product value on both share price and market capitalization


Calendar of Events

  • Identifies and tracks future critical events in the product lifecycle, providing insights on timelines and outcomes - Download PDF
  • Understand the financial impact of events on company and product value with Evaluate’s NPV Analysis
  • Track changes in event stages with customised alerts for your target products and companies
  • Customise reports by Company, Therapy Area, Product, EphMRA code, Competitors and more
  • Read EP Vantage for exclusive insights into impact of market events
  • Enhance your analyses with full integration with Evaluate's core data sets
  • Key events include Phase II and III Trial Initiation and Results, US, EU and Japanese Product Filings, US Product Approval (PDUFA) (sNDA/sBLA) , EU and Japanese Product Approvals, US FDA Advisory Committee, US Patent Date Uncertainties, US Generic Launches, Expected Product Deals / Closures
  • Register for Calendar of Events new, complimentary monthly newsletter - Register for Evaluate Market Movers & Shakers 


Venture Financing

  • Across pharma and biotech companies
  • Drill down quickly to reveal investors, lead investor and profiles
  • Financing rounds and in-depth pipeline analysis all linked to news and analysis by EP Vantage
  • Thousands of investors and financing rounds from seed capitals to series A,B,C…through to PIPE
  • Fully transparent linking directly to press releases and sources
  • Presents deal values in both $m and local reporting currency

Drug Product Information

  • Four Level EphMRA code tree for market analysis at any level
  • Proprietary classification field identifies, NME, NDA, ANDA, Orphan Drugs, OTC, etc.
  • Over 300 sales fields per product with WW, US, Europe, Japan, Quarterly, Half-Year, Other Revenues, Market Share and Ranking
  • Indication developments for R&D through marketed products
  • CAS numbers allow for improved analysis plus CAS Number reports

R&D Pipeline

  • Complete pipeline information available by each stage – Research Project, Pre-clinical, Phase I, II, III, Filed and Approved
  • Continuously updated and reviewed by our dedicated Analyst team researching the very latest pipeline information
  • Sort and search by Phase, Therapy Area, Company, Strategy, etc.
  • Only service offering an Interactive NPV Discounted Cash Flow model on R&D products


  • Complete Drugs@FDA and Orange Book
    • All FDA Approved Applications since 1939
    • 18,000 applications covering 29,000 products
    • ~100 Biologics (BLAs) Applications
    • 4,400 + New Drug Applications (NDA)
    • Including 1,100 New Drugs (NMEs)
    • 220+ Orphan Drugs
    • 13,300 Generics (ANDA)
    • 400+ OTC Products
    • 32,000 FDA Documents (FDA Label/ Approval Documents)
    • 250+ Standardised FDA Drug Formulations
    • Orange Book patent data
  • Analyze generic products launched against your company’s proprietary portfolio
  • Track competition by Company, Pharma Class, Therapetic Area and Indication Analysis
  • USA FDA Regulatory Dataset for Drug Application Approvals
  • Pharmaceutical equivalence measure by combining Active Ingredient, Formulation, Dosage into a single field
  • Allows clients to track equivalent product on both the proprietary product and generic approvals
  • Generic Analysis field to detail the number of active Generic (ANDA), both Tentative and Approval, against a product
  • Japan PDMA approvals data
  • Other regulatory data insights delivered from news, press releases and our own EP Vantage commentary and analysis

Clinical Trial Data

  • Full R&D pipeline information including products in development by stage/phase
  • Add our full integrated EvaluateClinical Trials module for more in-depth global clinical trials insights
    • Includes ClinicalTrials.gov, EudraCT and Japan clinical trials data
    • Integration of these clinical trial databases leverages deeper detail on clinical trial and product details
    • For full details on EvaluateClinical Trials click here

Licensing Deals

  • Track & benchmark existing deals by deal value, upfront payments, royalties & co-promotion
  • Quickly find partners in your disease area with successful partnership histories
  • See where Big Pharma are spending with deals by therapy areas, phase and technology
  • Access unrivalled detail on company Portfolio and Product sourcing with all products classified by strategy including Organic, In-licensed, Company Acquisitions and Joint Ventures
  • Search the largest range of deal data including Royalty Rates, Upfront Payment, Development and Sales Milestones
  • Drill down with extensive detail of company acquisitions and the products sourced in acquisition
  • Run post deal analysis with NPV (Net Present Value) Analyzer and R&D pipeline progression
  • Get the latest Licensing news with NewsManager plus expert comment and analysis from EP Vantage

M&A Activity

  • Quickly and easily evaluate the commercial success of a company’s M&A activity
  • Track the progress of products post acquisition
  • Thousands of M&A deals valued at over $1.5 trillion
  • Analyze the full M&A history for all companies
  • Track M&A deals by therapy area focus and phase of compounds
  • Run reports on M&A deals based on target company’s location, classification and status
  • Monitor the most recent M&A activity via Peer Group Analyzer
  • Evaluate industry deal values and counts for each year
  • View reports on M&A activity last 3 months, pharma M&A activity Top 5 deals each year and more
  • Get the latest M&A news with NewsManager plus expert comment and analysis from EP Vantage
  • Reports can be edited and customized for download to Excel, Word, PDF for sharing with colleagues

Patent Risk

  • Consolidates complex patent information into key patent or exclusivity expiration dates
  • Full text explanation of patent date and IP
  • Itemizes patent extension information
  • Ranks products going off patent: Globally, by Therapy Area, EphMRA code and Pharma Class
  • Company level analysis details sales at risk for each year
  • Calendar of Events details patent challenges and product NPVs at risk
  • See Regulatory feature for exclusive FDA Orange Book patent data details


  • Easy to search database of hundreds-of-thousands of company press releases
  • Fully categorized for advanced search e.g. Cardiovascular and In-licensing news
  • Press Releases date back to 1998 with history no longer available on company websites
  • Customized daily news alerts on key topics
    • Product Deals
    • M&A Activity
    • Financing
    • Filing and Registrations
    • Late Stage R&D
    • Negative Event
    • Patent and Litigation
    • Financial Results

EP Vantage and Event Analyzer

  • Powered by EvaluatePharma® data and proprietary quantitative analysis
  • Analysis of regulatory and patent decisions, marketing approvals, licensing deals and M&A
  • Timely financial analysis of pivotal events put into context with EvaluatePharma market data
  • EventAnalyzer delivers invaluable insights into the market events impacting global company share prices
  • View events by Company, Product Therapy Area and Peer Group
  • Track market impact by event type including regulatory approvals, financial results, patent litigation, broker sentiment and competitor announcements
  • Daily and Weekly Market Movers alerts: most comprehensive daily round up of share price changes
  • Click here to Register for a free trial of EP Vantage