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As an Evaluate customer, you benefit from our high quality data and technology platform and from the continual investments we make to bring you innovative data enhancements, evaluation tools and new capabilities. Here are some of the ways we make your experience with our service richer and more valuable to your business.

  • Data excellence is the core of all our services and as a result Evaluate has integrated checks and balances throughout the entire life cycle of data production. In addition to a sophisticated suite of automated error checking, each model within the EvaluatePharma database is subjected to multiple levels of human oversight by Analysts of increasing seniority and experience
  • EvaluatePharma has a dedicated Quality Assurance team that collates all caught errors and performs root cause analysis on them. The results of the root cause analysis are used: to direct training of the Analyst team, update the internal EvaluatePharma guidelines and best-practice documents that are referenced by the Analysts and refine the EvaluatePharma methodologies.
  • Throughout the year Six Sigma tools such as -- Gage Repeatability and Reproducibility -- are used to minimise the variation between individual interpretations of potentially subjective data points. Finally, EvaluatePharma has a focussed audit team within the quality function that is responsible for conducting regular quality audits. All audits follow the requirements of ISO 9001:2001.

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  • We retain the data’s integrity from its source
  • We standardize fields making it easier to view data sets side-by-side
  • All our data is from public sources, and often link back to the source, e.g. FDA documents, public clinical trial data sources, press releases
  • We eliminate all double accounting to present the most accurate view of the global market
  • We present venturing financing deal values in both $m and local reporting currency
  • We make it easy to see a continuous product lifecycle by connecting the product history in cases of M&A activity or product name or code or clinical trial number changes
  • We provide the real data from source versus “guesstimates”
  • Our consensus forecasts are compiled by creating an arithmetic average of wall street equity analyst forecasts for an independent, non-biased view 
  • We create data fields to ease search and comparisons, e.g. product equivalence measure which combines active ingredient, formulation and dosage
  • We create proprietary data classifications that make it easier to get to the specific data you need, yet allow you to view and work with the original classifications as well

Quality Assurance

  • Our rigorous Quality Assurance process includes first updating our analyst server
  • Then we transfer that data to our live service platform once it has been thoroughly reviewed 
  • Our review process is two-fold:
    • A Micro-Level bottom-up approach with four supervised checkpoints from data entry to publication
    • A Macro-Level top-down approach with Senior Analyst team reviews data insitu with root cause analysis of any potential conflicts
  • Reviews ensure that data has been updated according to our well-defined methodology, contains all the relevant information, and is a true representation of the source data

Update Process

  • Instant updates to publicly sourced data sets such as regulatory and clinical data
  • Daily updates of news flow and events
  • Monthly updates of sales, financials, deals and consensus forecasts, private companies coverage

Service Continuity

  • We have full service redundancy and communications plans and procedures in place for service continuity