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EvaluatePharma┬« is the leader in consensus forecasts of leading industry analysts and analysis of the pharmaceutical and biotechnology healthcare sectors providing exclusive and trusted market intelligence into global performance to 2020.

New: EvaluatePharma USA Sales, Volume and Pricing Analysis delivers an integrated, single source for USA sales, volume and pricing providing customers with a clear picture of their markets and their competitors when it comes to price. Download PDF or read more.

New: EvaluatePharma Product Sales Analysis by Country offers a clear, standardized view of country-level markets in 70 countries and provides rapid reporting functionality.

Our customers:

Pharmaceutical and Biotechnology Companies, Financial Institutions, Management Consultancies, Service Providers including CROs, CMOs and more.

Typical business uses:

Pharma and biotech market intelligence, identifying the best investment opportunities or partners, growing revenue, competitive intelligence, increasing productivity and decreasing time to market.

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Examples of problems we can help you address:

  • Single-source forecasts that are difficult to justify
  • Inability to quickly identify a short list of opportunities or partners
  • Not knowing risks of the data behind critical decision-making
  • Wasting time and money mining data from siloed data sources or static reports
  • Not easily able to get a clear picture of your brand versus generic competition
  • Lack of expert support needed to make effective use of service investment

How we can help:

  • By eliminating the time & difficulty to gather and analyze country-level product sales
  • Through our in-depth pharmaceutical & biotechnology coverage and unrivaled consensus forecasts
  • Via our sales by indication which make it easy to view pharma market opportunities
  • By providing high quality, standardized and sourced data you can trust
  • Through our unique easy-to-use evaluation tools
  • Through ease of sharing information via custom reports and exports
  • Through our industry experts committed to serve you

Partnering Opportunities

Find out more about the extensive listings of partnering opportunities on EvaluatePharma®, or submit your assets for out-licensing.