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Top 100 USA Drug Pricing Median Jumps Seven-Fold to $9,400 in 2014

Analysis derived from new EvaluatePharma USA Sales, Volume and Pricing Analysis

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LONDON, BOSTON, TOKYO (September 25, 2014) — The median price of the Top 100 drugs has skyrocketed from $1,260 in 2010 to $9,400 in 2014, representing a seven-fold increase, according to Evaluate’s new report, “Budget-busters: The Shift to High-Priced Innovator Drugs in the USA.” 

The new analysis also revealed that the median patient population size served by a Top 100 drug in 2014 was 146,000 down from 690,000 in 2010. The number of treatments costing in excess of $100,000 per patient per year rose to seven in 2014 versus four in 2010.

“We are experiencing a fundamental shift to high-priced medicines treating smaller patient population sizes, which is causing friction between payers and companies,” said Anthony Raeside, Evaluate’s head of research. “However, as long as the economic basis of the high price is sound these budget-buster drugs will get an increasing slice of the US market with payers dropping poorly differentiated products.”

The budget-busters report was derived from Evaluate’s new EvaluatePharma USA Sales, Volume and Pricing Analysis, which is now available in the service.  The new content delivers an integrated, single source for USA sales, volume and pricing providing customers with a clear picture of their markets and their competitors when it comes to price. Key features of this turn-key analysis include:

  • Comprehensive prescription drug pricing in the USA
  • Includes primary care medications, injectable biotechnology products and vaccines
  • Sources: Retail Rx unit / pack prices (Medicaid), J-Code, NADAC, Federal Contract
  • Exclusive cost per patient and number of patients treated calculations for top-selling USA Drugs including Orphan Drugs
  • Transparency to Off-invoice Discounts (Payer / Wholesale rebates)
  • Complete commercial context through EvaluatePharma content integration

The full version of the "Budget-busters: The Shift to High Priced Innovator Drugs" whitepaper can be downloaded at www.evaluategroup.com/budget-busters. For more information on the new USA Sales, Volume and Pricing Analysis content provided, please download PDF or read more.

About Evaluate Ltd.
Evaluate is the trusted source for life science market intelligence and analysis with exclusive consensus forecasts to 2020. We support life science and healthcare companies, financial institutions, consultancies and service providers in their strategic decision-making. Our services include EvaluatePharma, EvaluateClinical Trials and EvaluateMedTech. Our global team of dedicated healthcare analysts employs rigorous methodologies to deliver strategic commercial analysis. We make our services valuable by combining superior quality content, user-friendly reporting tools and outstanding customer service to solve client problems.

For more information visit: www.evaluategroup.com. On Twitter: @evaluatepharma, @evaluatemedtech, @epclinicaltrial, @epvantage.

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