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EP Vantage Report: Medtech 2013 in Review

EP Vantage MedTech 2013 in Review




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At the half-year mark, the medtech sector was on course for its worst year in a decade in terms of M&A activity, EP Vantage concluded last fall in its Half Year Review 2013 report. Unfortunately, the second half of the year showed little sign of improvement, according to EP Vantage’s latest report on the sector, “Medtech 2013 in Review.”

Though economic conditions as a whole are improving, hospitals, insurers and patients continue to exercise prudence. With less money coming in, large firms are avoiding risky acquisitions of early-stage companies. Venture capitalists are following suit, with most awarding investments cautiously to companies with approved products. This poses a challenge in and of itself considering the lack of recent FDA approvals.

Key findings in EP Vantage MedTech 2013 in Review:

  • While 2013 was spared from becoming the worst year in a decade in terms of device maker acquisitions, M&A deals were still down 16 percent from 2012
  • The value of all MedTech acquisitions totaled $19.3 billion, less than half the amount spent in 2012
  • Baxter International closed the largest buy of 2013 with its $3.9 billion acquisition of dialysis-tech maker, Gambro
  • Device makers raised just over $3.6 billion in venture capital investments in 2013, a mere $42 million more than 2012. However, only 25 funding rounds were completed last year, making 2013 the worst year since 2008 on financing count
  • FDA PMA approval rates were down 44 percent from 2012, with only 23 approvals compared to 41 in 2012

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