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EP Vantage Pharma & Biotech Half-Year Review 2014


EP Vantage Pharma & Biotech Half-Year Review 2014

 Download EP Vantage Pharma & Biotech Half-Year Review 2014

The latest report from EP Vantage reviews the performance of the pharma & biotech industry in the first half of 2014 and reveals that while an M&A frenzy accounting for nearly $90 billion of equity set the pace for the first half of 2014, a slowdown in IPOs and six months of volatile market activity could tarnish the year’s shimmering start.

Key highlights in EP Vantage's Pharma & Biotech Half-Year Review 2014 include:

  • IPOs peaked in the first quarter at $2.1 billion, but fell back to $913 million to end the first half of the year
  • Companies raised more than $3 billion in venture capital in the first six months, putting the sector on pace to exceed the $5.9 billion raised in 2007
  • The first seven months of 2014 saw the FDA approve 27 novel agents, which are forecast to generate $7 billion in US sales over the next five years

Download Report

Download EP Vantage Medtech Half Year Review 2014

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