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EP Vantage 2016 ASCO Backgrounder

EP Vantage 2016 ASCO Report EP Vantage 2016 ASCO Report EP Vantage 2016 ASCO Report

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EP Vantage 2016 ASCO Backgrounder

With the start of Asco just around the corner a review of EP Vantage’s cancer coverage from the last six months reveals that a number of tumour types including liver and pancreatic could see some critical data emerge this year.

Meanwhile data on mechanisms like Parp inhibition and CAR-T therapies are also keenly awaited, for clues as to their real potential.

The articles gathered here highlight recent breakthroughs and setbacks and flag the approaching data points.

LISTEN: Jon Gardner, Deputy News Editor for EP Vantage, talks to Dan Levine of The Bio Report about the ASCO meeting, what the early abstracts say, and who will likely be making headlines at this year’s meeting.

The report includes a look at:

  • Ovarian cancer - the field readies itself for phase III readouts
  • Pancreatic cancer – this time it’s (getting) personal 
  • Parp inhibitors – set to come of age in 2016
  • CAR-T – how do you solve a problem like relapse?

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